Normal for Norfolk


High quality of life with a diverse offering including a place of natural beauty, culture, safety and good quality education.

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The quality of life in Norfolk is second to none. Norfolk rates highly when considering where is the best place to live and work.  The beautiful countryside is quickly and easily accessible, even from the centre of the fine city of Norwich

Whatever you want in life - wild, open spaces, tranquility, culture, excitement or nightlife, you will find it here.  Norfolk is a place where you can balance work and leisure to get the life you want for you and your family.

With the average price of a detached home in Norfolk at less than £230,000, you could enjoy greater space for less cost than many places in the country.

Figures published in 2009 show that Norfolk is the safest county in England, and it is the perfect environment for bringing up children.  There are a range of good schools and excellent higher and further education.  With little traffic congestion and good links to London, Cambridge and the world – via Norwich International Airport – that means more time can be spent with your family and friends.  There is also a strong sense of community and belonging. 

Norfolk has a mixture of rural villages, traditional market towns; the historic port of King’s Lynn and the seaside charm of Great Yarmouth, with Norwich a city to rival any in Europe for both its history and vibrancy (it is in the top ten shopping destinations in England).

Each part of Norfolk has its own different attractions from the outstanding North Norfolk Coast to the leafy tranquillity of the Brecks.   Norfolk also has an abundant wildlife habitat, home to many rare species including birds and butterflies.

It is not surprising that the University of East Anglia has the highest proportion of students who stay on after leaving university – they have found that Norfolk provides the ideal balance of work and life for the 21st Century.