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Norfolk is home to a powerhouse of engineering excellence with an impressive pool of skills and expertise across the whole range of engineering disciplines. Over 1000 engineering companies employ a highly-skilled workforce of around 10,000 who enjoy Norfolk’s ideal work/life balance. Norfolk companies are able to attract and retain highly qualified engineers because of the high levels of innovation and invention; the support networks in the county; and the quality of family life. Norfolk engineering companies trade around the world with organisations like Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Toyota and Lockheed.

Lotus are developing the next generation of high-performance cars using renewable energies as well as being the catalyst for a large cluster of advanced automotive engineering businesses.  Almost every Formula One team is supported by engineers based in Norfolk or use engineering invented in the county. 

Other engineering specialisms include clean-tech and environmental engineering, refrigeration, plastic and organic electronics, next generation sensor and instrumentation and ink jet technologies; as well as a very strong marine engineering cluster.

Examples of world class companies include; Syfer Technologies who are leaders in advanced ceramic chips worldwide; C-Mac MicroTechnology who build electronics for NASA, the European Space Agency and Eurofighter. Recent inventions include Coatiseal, a tough, yet environmentally friendly and removable coating system and companies such as Cooper Roller Bearings, MSI Defence Systems, Landamores and May Gurney are all leaders in their own fields.

The sector is supported by the Hethel Engineering Centre providing world class research and incubator facilities.

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For more information about Norfolk’s world class engineering excellence please contact Simon Coward at the Hethel Engineering Centre (Tel: 01953 859100; Email: