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Financial Industry

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Norwich is a major centre for the financial industries and one of the largest general insurance centres in Europe. One in three employees in Norwich work in finance and business services. Over 50 national, international and regional companies are based here including world class companies like Aviva, Marsh and Virgin Money

Companies such as Central Trust and Moneyfacts moved to Norwich so that they could grow faster than would have been otherwise possible. Norfolk is also home to future-facing companies, like Proxama that are leading the way in next-generation payment technologies.

Norwich has been a base for the financial industries for over 200 years and boasts a financially literate, highly-skilled and stable workforce recruited from local colleges and universities as well as the very first National Skills Academy in Financial services. This ensures a large pool of talent which combined with the low cost base and the excellent world wide connections makes it an ideal location for financial services companies front and back offices.

Hidden Gem Case Study – Proxama


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For more information about Norfolk’s world class financial services please contact David Dukes, Norfolk County Council  Tel: 01603 223142; email: